Wedding Tips

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but we have learned a few things in our years as wedding professionals and we wanted to pass along some tips to help make your photography everything you dreamed it would be.

Engagement Photography

Probably the most important aspect of an engagement session with us is to be comfortable and have fun. Wear comfy clothes that you feel good in and you will have great-looking, natural photos. Many couples wear only one outfit, and we recommend wearing no more than two. We recommend scheduling your photos in a season opposite of your wedding. This will give your engagement photos a different look from your wedding as well as provide enough time for any printing needs you may have.

Getting Ready

It is important to allow plenty of time for getting ready, and then plan in at least thirty extra minutes as a buffer in case things run behind (like hair, make-up, transportation, etc). When you have a choice, try to find a room with windows which will provide lots of natural light and make for beautiful prep photos. Additionally, make sure the gentlemen can handle their ties, boutonnieres, and or pocket squares in a timely fashion. Being ready on time for the pre-ceremony photos will set the pace for your entire day.


Before you book a church make sure you are fully aware of any rules and restrictions which may affect the outcome of your photography. We will introduce ourselves to your officiate and are extremely respectful of the ceremony but for your own peace of mind make sure you are in the know too. Men don’t have to have boutonnieres, groomsmen can definitely double as ushers, cheap aisle runners typically look a hot mess in photos so scratch that runner and add a detail to your pew or simply enjoy the natural beauty of your church.

Outdoor Ceremony

It is often important to consider the sunset time on your future wedding date, especially if you are having and outdoor ceremony. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony you will want to aim for a ceremony time later in the day about 2-3 hours before sunset. Ceremonies much earlier in the day can provide unflattering light for photos as well as be too bright for comfort for you and your guests.

Family Formals & Group Shots

We recommend that only immediate family and members of the wedding party stay for formal family photos directly following the ceremony. Allow 30-45 minutes for these photos depending on the size of your families. If you have a large extended group photo it is often best to be taken at the reception. The DJ can announce a gathering place for the group immediately following the cake cutting.


Ambient lighting (candles, string lights, lanterns, literally – any extra lighting) will help make your reception photos beautiful. Up-lighting and DJ lighting can really make your photos pop as well. Also, don’t feel the need to cram lots of traditional events into your evening if they don’t feel right. Last but not least – JUST HAVE FUN!

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